The English word berserk is derived from the Old Norse words ber-serkr meaning a “bear-shirt”—i.e., a wild warrior or champion of the viking age.


Berserkir is men’s lifestyle and apparel brand.


Modern Berserkir is a man who adheres to his principles and the word given. He is ready to stand up for his family and country, for a friend and for a noble goal. He is a rare breed walking among us taming the ancient noble beast inside him.


Are YOU Berserkir?




We are small team company of guys who likes to go camping, we love bikes, tattoos, we love the smell of burning black powder and red meat, we love beer, and to be bearded, we love knives and cool gear, we love to make new stuff and learn something new every day. We are husbands, sons and fathers. We are respectful and noble – we are men.