Shipping information

Our products are made world wide by talented people. We strive to honor you with best of our work and respect.

Yes. Almost. If you don’t see your country in the list or get message “There are no shipping methods available”, you should:

1. Enter full address with country, city, zip code in Calculate shipping, and press “UPDATE TOTALS”


2. Contact us via Contact form and we will give you custom shipping rate if it is possible.

Depending on the item(s) you purchase on and the location to which the item(s) will be delivered, different shipping methods will be available. At checkout, you will be prompted to choose a variety of shipping methods.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking and shipping information. Simply click on the link in the email.

It depends on carrier, item shipped and time of the year… so it varies a lot. In the ideal conditions, the shipping time takes:

  • UK – 1 to 3 working days
  • EU – 3 to 5 working days
  • Everywhere else – 7 to 10 working days

We ship only on business days. Business days are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Any order placed after 12 P.M. ET will be processed the following business day. Due to a high volume period, your order may take longer than anticipated.

All delivery estimates are based on quotes supplied by the relevant courier, so they can’t be guaranteed by Berserkir. If your parcel is not delivered within the estimated window then it’s very likely there has been a delay in transit.

If your order is shipped within EU or US we advise you wait 10 working days or 28 working days (any other shipping addresses) before contacting us.

All orders shipped with courier are fully trackable and we recommend you contact courier with your tracking number if there are any issues for the quickest resolution. Though if you’d like our help you can let us know using Contact form.

There are two main types of parcels – with tracking and without tracking. With tracking you have the ability to track the shipping route. There is no such option for shipping without tracking.

We strongly recommend that you use trackable shipping for all orders. If the parcel is lost, tracking number will help us to apply for lost package and to recover it if possible. If you choose shipping without tracking and the package is lost, we wont be able to recover it,  therefore we wont be able to offer you refund.

Terms of Service:


International customers are solely responsible for payment of all duties, import taxes, and brokerage fees. These additional fees are not included in the cost of shipping, and we are not able to provide estimates of what this amount may be for a specific order or item.

For each product, we provide information on the country (union) of origin of this product. With this information you can check with your local customs agency for more details before you place an order.

Not yet and no. We are working on it.

Sorry, but no. PO Boxes are often used for fraud orders.

Payment information

We gladly accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. All cards need additional verification before it can be processed and all orders must be paid in full once submitted online.

Sorry but you won’t get lucky. We do our best to provide accuracy in the pricing and other product information displayed on our website, but mistakes sometimes happen. In such cases, expressly reserves the right not to honor pricing errors found on this website when accepting an online order. If an error occurs, we’ll let you know and cancel the order. Any authorized payments for that order will be immediately refunded. If you find an error once your order is delivered, please contact us.

We use your info to fulfil your order accurately and quickly and to improve your shopping experience. We respect your privacy and never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never share this information with anyone, except in connection with your order. If you want to know more, take a look at our Private Policy.

Orders and returns

Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, and click ‘Buy Now’.

Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before clicking “Place Order”, please check your Order Details carefully. If you want to add a new Delivery Address, click ” Add a new address”. If you want to edit a current Delivery Address, click ‘Edit this address’. After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the Payment page.

We can try but in most cases – no. After you place an order, we pass it on to our partners, collaborators or artisans and by the time you want to make the changes in most cases it is already too late.

You can contact us by provided email or contact form (at the bottom of the page).

For most products – yes. But we do not offer re-branding. If you are interested in buying bulk please, contact us via Contact form.

From time to time and for special occasions we offer limited edition (20-50 pc) products that after sold out, will never be produced again. This is special candy for our true fans. We reserve the right to use these graphics for other products, but NEVER on the same product again. You can call it Collectibles, since it is very limited and unique.

Please refare to our Returns policy.

For the most products – Yes. This is shortest and longest time it takes us to ship your order. It may take longer during holidays. We need this time to make you your product – tailor or print or assemble. We have minimal stock so we can afford to experiment with designs, offer a wider range of products, and so on.

You will find a notice next to every product about how long it takes to ship it.

Any unanswered questions?