The Beast from The Past – the primal fear

The Beast from The Past

Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets

The Beast from The Past – the primal fear – I have this thought I would like to share with you, but bit of background first. I was listening to Joe Rogan podcast with Paul Stamets last week – one of the best podcasts (#1035) from Powerful Joe. Paul Edward Stamets (born July 17, 1955) is an American mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi. During podcast Mr. Stamets talked about a lot of fascinating things, but one that really got my attention was about how humans developed exceptionally sensitive smell to sulfur. Natural sulfur morphs into a new chemical gas called sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid. Chemicals that may cause death or permanent injury after very short exposure to small quantities. By the way, sulfur dioxide is a smell of rotting meat. And you can find sulfuric acid near volcanos.

So suffocating near volcanos and dieing from rotten meat was not that uncommon that humans developed exceptional sensitivity to this scent. This took us millenniums, yet, this sensitivity survived to this day.

My son

When my son was six months old, we had this cool children’s book. This book had an animal drawn on each page and a button that would play the sound of a particular animal. There were owl, moose, frog, pig, wolf and so on. My son really liked sound of owl and frog – took a smile when he heard these animals. But there was something about the wolf’s howling. Upon hearing the howl my son would stick his lip and start to cry. Strange, I thought, he was too young to know what a wolf is. We had dogs, he was ok with our dogs and they never howl. I dis this wolf howl my self few times – maybe the book recording was shit, but no, he did not like it too.

The Primal fear

At this point I think you already know what I am thinking. Maybe, fear can be inherited through genetics. Maybe, after millenniums fighting of wolf’s, hearing them howl at dark dark nights, we have developed this fear, that can be inherited. As we have developed exceptional sensitivity to this sulfur smell.

My son is much older now, and he does not have this fear any more. But some time ago I told this story to my friend, who has an infant daughter. He got interested and decided to try it with his daughter. And result was the same as with my son. This little girl did not like it at all too.

There is one thing you can test your self. Go outside at night, especially if you live in the countryside, and try howling like a wolf with your head up. Every time I do this I get shivers. There are no wolves in my country, they all are long gone. Couple of times I’ve seen a wolf in a zoo. No fear. Just respect. But why do I get uncomfortable doing so? Is this my grandx10pa telling me – shit, you better stop doing that, son, or you will bring trouble on yourself.

The Beast from The Past

We made this clothing collection called The Beast from The Past featuring nightmare beasts, as if to see them in a dream from the past. Lovely graphics, art level, it took us lot of time to come up with this. And best quality clothing. With respect.

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– Berserkir actual

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